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Royal Stewart Lambs Wool Scarf

Royal Stewart Lambs Wool Scarf

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Lambs wool is considered the highest quality of sheep's wool on the market. Taken from a sheep at its first shearing, lambs wool is incredibly soft, smooth, resilient and has superior elasticity. The unique weaving process generates air pockets that retain heat while preventing moisture. Along with being natural, breathable and hypoallergenic, our lambs wool can be worn comfortably against the skin.

Measures approximately:

  • 12″ wide, scarf length 
  • 56″ long 
  • 3″ fringe on either end

Royal Stewart
The best known of all Scottish tartans, the Royal Stewart is the tartan of the Royal House of Stewart and the personal tartan of the reigning monarch. Theoretically, it cannot be used or worn without the express permission of HM The King. In practice, however, this is the most popular tartan ever woven and can be seen on a huge range of products. 


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